About Us

Community College Search Services (CCSS) has provided the highest level executive consulting services to community colleges since 1995.

Executive Searches

Community College Search Services (CCSS) assists community colleges in all aspects of locating and hiring either permanent or interim community college executives. We undertake comprehensive searches or any part of a search where assistance is needed.

At CCSS we approach working with each of our clients as an opportunity to bring our expertise and experience to facilitate a successful executive search. Key elements of our highly successful executive search process are:

  • Our team of search consultants works to facilitate each district's search, not run it. We view each search as a collaboration and are sensitive to the culture of each district.
  • We emphasize throughout our searches that ownership of the search lies with the district, not with CCSS.
  • Our approach is flexible and provides options for boards, district executives and search committees based on what has worked successfully elsewhere. We emphasize throughout the search, however, that all decisions are, ultimately, the district's.

Core Components of the CCSS Executive Search Process

With more than 15 years of experience in service to community college districts, CCSS has developed a highly effective search methodology that identifies and recruits outstanding candidates for executive level positions. The core components of our methodology are:

  • Development of Marketing Materials and Strategies: CCSS consultants will provide leadership working with district committees and staff in the development of the position announcement, related marketing materials and key ad placements in print and on-line publications.
  • Candidate Outreach and Recruitment: CCSS consultants as a team will engage in active outreach and recruitment efforts. A critical component of these efforts will be access to the extensive CCSS candidate database. In addition to this, phone contacts, personal contacts and extensive use of state-wide and national database lists will be utilized.
  • Candidate Interviews: CCSS consultants will provide support for all facets of interview committee and board candidate interviews. Consultants will attend all interviews to serve as an expert resource to committees, district executives and the board.
  • Reference Checking and Reports: CCSS consultants and staff will work as a team in carrying out extensive background checks on all candidates recommended to the board or appropriate executive. We will interview between 10 to 12 references for each candidate and utilize on-line search strategies to compile background information on candidates. Civil and criminal background checks will also be completed. Once the information has been collected, extensive reports detailing strengths and weaknesses will be prepared.
  • Finalist Interviews: Once finalists are recommended to the board, CCSS consultants will work directly with board members and/or executives in carrying out final interviews. In addition, consultants will assist boards and executives if they wish to carry out candidate forums or site visits.
  • Selection of a Candidate: CCSS consultants will serve as an expert resource to assist board members and executives in making the final decision on the right candidate for the district. Background and reference information will be synthesized, candidate strengths and weaknesses will be detailed and input offered on prospects for the best candidate. In addition, CCSS consultants can provide assistance in contract discussions with the selected candidate.

A Proven Track Record

In over 25 years of service CCSS has conducted more than 400 successful comprehensive and partial searches.

Other CCSS Consulting Services

CCSS executive consultants are also skilled in providing special services to districts. These include:

  • Leadership seminars.
  • Board development seminars.
  • Research and evaluation studies on governance and leadership issues.
  • Analysis of administrative and governance organizational structure.
  • Executive coaching and mentoring support.